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Please visit which is the new website in development for our multi-agency safeguarding arrangements. This LSCB website will be in place until June 2019 as a source of information and signpost to the Children's MARS website.

Welcome to the North Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board

The North Lincolnshire Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) was set up in April 2006 to comply with the Children Act 2004.  Its purpose is to coordinate and ensure the effectiveness of what is done by agencies who work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in the area.

The LSCB has agreed local safeguarding priorities for 2017-18, which are to:

Reduce the harm from:

  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Domestic abuse
  • Neglect

The LSCB will continue to monitor and scrutinise progress against these priorities. It will continue to seek wider assurance that further work is progressing in relation to these priority themes across other local partnerships.

North Lincolnshire is committed to providing an LSCB that makes safeguarding children everybody’s business.

The LSCB Annual Report 2016-17 [PDF 23969Kb] reports of the effectiveness of its safeguarding arrangements for children and young people in North Lincolnshire during 2016/17.

The LSCB Annual Report 2016-17 Executive Summary [PDF 10430Kb] is also available.

The Partnership Framework [PDF 207Kb]

The North Lincolnshire LSCB is made up of representatives from the following partners:

  • North Lincolnshire Council
  • NHS North Lincolnshire
  • The Strategic Health Authority
  • North Lincolnshire and Goole Acute Hospital Trust
  • Humberside Police
  • Probation Services
  • Schools
  • Further education colleges
  • Humberside Fire and Rescue Service

The LSCB Membership 2017 [PDF 312Kb] includes roles and contact details for all LSCB Members.

Statutory objectives and functions of LSCBs Objectives

The LSCB has a range of roles and statutory functions including developing local safeguarding policy and procedures and scrutinising local arrangements. The statutory objectives of the LSCB are:

(a) to coordinate what is done by each person or body represented on the Board for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the area and
(b) to ensure the effectiveness of what is done by each such person or body for those purposes.


Regulation 5 of the Local Safeguarding Children Boards Regulations 2006 sets out that the functions of the LSCB in relation to the above objectives under section 14 of the Children Act 2004. They are as follows:

Developing policies and procedures for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the area of the authority, including policies and procedures in relation to:

  • the action to be taken where there are concerns about a child’s safety or welfare, including thresholds for intervention
  • training of persons who work with children or in services affecting the safety and welfare of children
  • recruitment and supervision of persons who work with children
  • investigation of allegations concerning persons who work with children
  • safety and welfare of children who are privately fostered
  • cooperation with neighbouring children’s services authorities and their Board partners
  • communicating to persons and bodies in the area of the authority the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, raising their awareness of how this can best be done and encouraging them to do so
  • monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of what is done by the authority and their Board partners individually and collectively to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and advising them on ways to improve
  • participating in the planning of services for children in the area of the authority and
  • undertaking reviews of serious cases and advising the authority and their Board partners on lessons to be learned

LSCB Annual Review – Primaries – children and young people’s version

LSCB Annual Review – Secondaries/Colleges – children and young people’s version

LSCB Annual Report 2016-17 [PDF 23969Mb] – reports on the effectiveness of child safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the local area

LSCB Annual Report 2016-17 Executive Summary [PDF 10430Kb] – an executive summary of the annual report

LSCB Business Plan 2017-18 [PDF 655Kb] – sets out the vision, partnership framework, accountability, core function and priorities of the LSCB

CSE Strategy 2017-2019 [PDF 566Kb] – provides information about CSE, roles and responsibilities of relevant agencies and procedures practitioners should follow

Threshold Document – Helping Children and Families [PDF 5Mb] – this document and associated guidance is required by Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 which also emphasises the importance of “early help”.

Communication and Community Participation Plan [PDF 517Kb] – builds upon the communication and partnership arrangements we have in place with the local community to safeguard our children and young people

Integrated Domestic Abuse Strategy [PDF 7Mb] – sets out our plans to tackle domestic abuse

LSCB Memorandum of Understanding [PDF 924Kb] – sets out the guiding principles and values of the LSCB, roles and responsibilities and Partnership arrangements

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) provide a national framework in England and Wales for the assessment and management of risk posed by serious and violent offenders. This includes offenders who are considered to pose a risk, or potential risk of harm to children.

This framework impose statutory requirements on the police, probation and prison services (the “responsible authorities”) to make these arrangements and places a duty to co-operate with the responsible authority on a number of agencies providing services to offenders including health, housing, Children’s Social Care, education, youth offending teams, jobcentre plus, and electronic monitoring providers.

Current National Guidelines on implementing MAPPA were introduced in April 2004 and updated guidelines are expected during the coming year.

The duties and obligations of the responsible authority are discharged through the Strategic Management Board. To provide consistency and a central awareness a Humberside Area Strategic Management Board is in place and comprises of lead officers from police, probation and prison, representatives from a number of agencies with a “duty to cooperate” and lay advisors. Within North Lincolnshire the strategic management board meets quarterly to:

  • Oversee the work of the MAPPA and manage performance
  • Review and monitor the effectiveness of arrangements
  • Receive referrals on individual offenders that commit serious violent or sexual offences while being managed
  • Ensure independent review of management of risks and determine whether local strategic reviews form part of statutory review
  • Determine any necessary revision to arrangements
  • Act as final arbiter where local MAPPA fails to agree on issues concerning offenders who are subject to management in the community

Any complaint or concern about the general discharge of the LSCB functions should be addressed to the Independent Chair of the LSCB in writing. The Independent Chair will seek to resolve the matter with the individual raising the concern within six weeks of the complaint being received. The Independent Chair can be contacted at:

Independent Chair of LSCB
Hewson House
Station Road
North Lincolnshire
DN20 8XB

The LSCB Complaints Procedure [PDF 134Kb] has more information on the complaints process.

The LSCB Multi Agency Whistleblowing Guidance is designed to enable employees of each organisation to:

  • raise concerns internally and at a high level
  • disclose information which the individual believes show malpractice or impropriety

Whistleblowing Guidance (May 2015) [PDF 54Kb]