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Please visit which is the new website in development for our multi-agency safeguarding arrangements. This LSCB website will be in place until June 2019 as a source of information and signpost to the Children's MARS website.

Nationally 300 children every day are admitted to hospital because of accidents. Most accidents happen in the home and this is why it is important to make your home safe for all your family especially young children.

Some dangers around the home are:

  • Medicines and drugs – keep them locked away and well out of reach of your child
  • Certain rooms in the house are full of dangers such as kitchens – have you got safety devices fitted such as cupboard locks?
  • Make sure that irons and saucepans and hot drinks are kept out of reach of children
  • Look for trip hazards in the home and clear them such as wires and toys on the floor
  • Ensure that all chemicals such as bleach are kept out of reach from children
  • Think about fire prevention and follow fire safety tips
  • Breathing in cigarette smoke is bad for children’s health
  • Check toys for safety labels, make sure your child does not play with toys that are not suitable for his or her age.

For further information about home safety advice visit:

Or contact :

  • Home Safe – 01724 297323
  • Humberside Fire and Rescue for advice on fire safety and fire alarm checks – 01724 295900
  • Homestart (under fives) – 01652 634160
  • Family Information Service – 01724 296629