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Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 places a statutory responsibility on all partner agencies to comply with and work together to:

  • identify children who would benefit from Early Help
  • offer early help and do this effectively to create positive change
  • keep children with families and reduce the need for statutory services

Doing this well will mean that:

  • we identify the children who need safeguarding at the earliest point
  • we make a significant and timely intervention to secure the child’s safety and wellbeing within their family
  • or where parents cannot make significant and sustainable change, with an alternative family where the child has every chance to be safe, well and reach their full potential.

Early Help Assessment Forms and Guidance

The Munro Review of Child Protection recommended a new emphasis on early help and support. This is achieved by a high quality relationship developed between workers, the child and the family. Working Together 2015 says each LSCB should use an early help assessment based on the needs of the families in their area.

The procedures to support a family through Early Help are in the LSCB Policy and Procedure – Assessing Need and Providing Help [PDF 126Mb]. This chapter outlines the Early Help procedures, information sharing, making a referral and the child protection case conference procedures. Assessing Need and Providing Help also includes the Early Help Assessment and the Early Help Plan.

To submit an Early Help Assessment front sheet complete the online Early Help Assessment form front sheet.

The following forms and guidance are available to download: